Back to Salsa!

She is waaay better than me!

The new classes have started! So we got our dancing shoes back on and we went DANCING!!!

19 Sep 2016

Narcos Season2


NARCOS SEASON 2 IS OUT !!! Whoooooooo boy, am I hyped!

Last weekend Netflix our hero released the next season of Narcos and I couldn’t not draw my first fan art piece!

If you haven’t seen the series here is the trailer for the first season.

Just watching the trailer got me excited to start fresh with the first episode all over again!

Are you excited or did you already watch it ? Please let me know!

07 Sep 2016

Night sky in the mountains


A night sky when high in the mountains. Who doesn’t love the mountains?

31 Aug 2016


Two years ago, we crossed a giant milestone in our lives. We bought a house. A great house, near the center of Ghent and more room than we ever had, combined. (We lived in my old student room before.)
Now two years later, we’re celebrating our first house-birthday. And just in case you haven’t heard, a house year is 712 days, or 2 human years. This means it was about time we decided on a name for him or her.
After juggling with a few ideas we decided on Billie. There was no special reason, we just both liked the sound of it.
I really like the name, however I feel I might have missed a big chance. Imagine us saying goodbye to our friends and saying “Well, we are off, we’re heading to Annie.”
Strangely enough, it were all guy names we came up with. I believe that Natali did think of this.
We’re happy to have celebrated his name day in his current state, as the renovations are about to start and he’ll never be the same again.
We hope this won’t be to painful for you Billie.
25 Aug 2016

We’re back!


We’re back home again Natali’s knee got really hurt and we’re both really tired. But the best experience must be when we saw and heard our cats when we got back home.

18 Aug 2016

Off to the Mont Blanc


We are heading to the south of France tomorrow, doing a part of the tour of the Mont Blanc. We’ll be back in two weeks!
I’m so excited for our first time fully equipped backpacking.

Greetings, Tom and Natali

07 Aug 2016

Waiting in the Corridor


I finally am getting the feeling that I’m heading towards a consistent art style.
The back lighting made it easier on the character though.

04 Aug 2016

Alone in the city.


28 Jul 2016

Cutting My Hair


My hair has gotten too long, so I asked Natali to cut it.
She didn’t accidentally kill me and we are still living happy together!

19 Jul 2016

Color Study – Yu Wondering


29 Jun 2016
right right right