We’re back!


We’re back home again Natali’s knee got really hurt and we’re both really tired. But the best experience must be when we saw and heard our cats when we got back home.

18 Aug 2016

Off to the Mont Blanc


We are heading to the south of France tomorrow, doing a part of the tour of the Mont Blanc. We’ll be back in two weeks!
I’m so excited for our first time fully equipped backpacking.

Greetings, Tom and Natali

07 Aug 2016

Waiting in the Corridor


I finally am getting the feeling that I’m heading towards a consistent art style.
The back lighting made it easier on the character though.

04 Aug 2016

Alone in the city.


28 Jul 2016

Cutting My Hair


My hair has gotten too long, so I asked Natali to cut it.
She didn’t accidentally kill me and we are still living happy together!

19 Jul 2016

Color Study – Yu Wondering


29 Jun 2016

Character Study


23 Jun 2016

Travelling Friends: Jurgen and Eline

One of my closest friends is currently travelling to Mongolia with his girlfriend by bike.
Last week his we, his closest friends, got a mail telling us that he misses us and finds it hard to keep contact through email.


Thus he asked if we could create a whatsapp group to keep him up to date. Glad to hear from him we created the Whatsapp group and send them how some pictures of how we were doing.
An hour later he already replied: “Thanks guys” along with a picture of his butt.




Glad to see they are doing alright with only a small bruise from riding all day. Keep it up Jurgen and Eline.
If you want to see how they are doing, head over to FIEST.JE, their (Dutch) blog.




PS: He must look that muscular by now right ? Right!


07 Jun 2016

How to make a comic, the messy way. ~part0.1

Just a sneak peek for what is to come. The very first few pages of SURGE with the necessary revisions and thoughts scribbled over.


Some of the text scribbled is in Dutch, some in gibberish but most of it is in English so you might be able to decipher my handwriting.

I am sorry for the shaky camera, we’ll try to find an other way to film this kind of thing.


18 May 2016



Been watching Neon Genesis Evangelion and there was a fill shot of a coffee can with mug. It inspired me.


10 May 2016
right right right