Welcome, my name is Tom.

Hello everyone and welcome back, Tom speaking. Or actually writing.


While updating the layout of the website, I accidentally completely deleted all content…
Who knew that deleting a database was unrestorable and something you should not do..
Anyway, let’s say it was all planned to able to start fresh.
For those who are new, my name is Tom, I live together with my girlfriend Natali. We are currently renovating our house so our current living condition is a small student room. Our cats have the whole house to themselves currently but they do not like to clean… So we are basically cleaning the house knowing it’ll be covered in dust again the next day.
(due to the renovations, the cats are actually pretty clean)


Luckily I LOVE cleaning!


While Natali is giving me a “I don’t believe you dared type that” look, I’ll try to describe myself, but all I can come up with is something along the lines of “visual storyteller, climbing, drawing, photography…”

Yup, I’m not really a good writer, that is why I asked Natali to write my “about me” page.
But in essence that is what I’m all about. Plain and simple.
I love telling stories. But because I can’t really tell one nicely structured I just use my drawing abilities to draw the stories I would like to tell.
(Currently I’m exploring the possibilities of combining drawings and photographs. )

When I’m not behind a desk drawing or working, I’m probably hanging on the wall. Doing something that should resemble climbing!
Yesterday, I got the chance to sit in on a lecture from Martin Fickweiler and Peter Habeler, two great climbers. Which got me in action to finally finish the latest things on this website.
They both were incredible inspiring, Martin just has some amazing live visions and insanely great photographing skills and Peter just has so much experience and life wisdom.

But one thing got me especially of my ass, Peter said that the solution for every big trip was to “keep is stupid simple”, don’t overplan,
just prepare for the essentials and then just take a leap and enjoy the journey.


So with this said, I’ll conclude my first blogpost. If you would like to follow me on my journey, you can follow me on instagram or tumblr.
Or if you have any tips, you can always leave them below in the comments.


I hope to see you next time and I promise I’ll do my best to improve my writing!